Tivimate is compatible with many devices such as Android, IOS, Firestick, and PC.

In this post, We will guide you how to install and use Tivimate app.

Step 1 Download app

With Android, you can download the TiviMate app from Google Play.

If you using IOS, you can install the app from the App store.

With Firestick, the app can be downloaded from Downloader.

If you want to use TiviMate, you need to pay for it, but you will have 5 days to use it for free.

Step 2. Click on ” Add playlist”

After downloading successfully, you will see as in the picture when opening the app.

On the interface, there are 2 choices: Add playlist and Settings. Please click on “Add playlist”

Tivimate, add playlist

Step 3 Enter URL

After choosing ” Add playlist”, the screen will show like in the below picture.

The next step you need to do is entering a URL or called the m3u link.

Tivimate, Enter URL

Step 4: Watch

After entering the m3u link, you can see the channel list from the different countries like in the picture.

Tivimate, watch

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