Love in the Villa

Love in the Villa Movie
Love in the Villa Movie

Love in the Villa Summary:

A young woman (Cat Graham) embarks on a trip to the romantic Italian city of Verona, after a breakup, to discover that the villa she booked has been booked twice, and she will have to share her vacation with a very cynical and kind Brit. (Tom Hoppers)

Actors in a Love in the Villa:

  • Kat Graham
  • Tom Hopper
  • Raymond Ablack
  • Laura Hopper
  • Emilio Solfrizzi
  • Sean Amsing
Kat Graham-Tom Hopper

Love in the Villa: Crew List


  • Margret Huddleston
  • Stephanie Slack
  • Mark Steven Johnson


  • Mark Steven Johnson


  • Mark Steven Johnson

Love in the Villa Release Date:

We have amazing news to bring you regarding the delivery date! In April, Netflix revealed its mid-2022 movie charts, and the romantic comedy was remembered for its ranking. Love in the Villa will appear on Netflix on September 1, 2022.

How to Watch Love in the Villa:

You can watch Love in the Villa either through the Netflix platform or through our platform at a very, very cheaper price, only 2, 5€ per month.
This is in addition to thousands of other new films and series being constantly updated.

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