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River Road
"River Road"

This is my review of the feature film "River Road" it's written and directed by Rob Willey and stars Cody Kearsley and Lexi Redman.

the story is about a musician who's just kind of returned back from what seemed like a very sort of successful tour with his band where he writes the songs and plays guitar and seems to be enjoying the shenanigans that go on the road, so he's just finished that tour and he's gonna sort of chill out, I think it's his aunt's place and it's on river road and he's planning on the sort of keeping his head down and just enjoying maybe a bit of a quiet life for a bit before he gets back to the whole music thing.
But then he runs into a character called Zoe by Lexi Redman and the two obviously hit it off it's it feels very much like a love story and the film is a love story really but what happens is Zoe's character is quite a sort of fun-loving she loves stuff maybe pushing things and suggests that the two of them try heroin the first time it seemed like it was an accident and then the pair they stopped doing it more and more.

And soon enough the classic drug dependency kind of plot follows they get hooked they then start being desperate to get hold of the stuff he pawns his guitars which as a guitarist that for me was just like no you can't do that and yeah it just becomes more and more tragic as he tries to keep them afloat because she's an American in Canada she like sort of seems to not be able to do as much as him that she can't work on things and but eventually they're getting more and more desperate even with Travis's character the main character being quite hesitant, to begin with, he then sort of does get sucked into it and soon enough they're really in the sort of throes of criminal underworld sort of bad characters people that you would generally stay away from they're having to now engage with these people
Yeah, all those sorts of things follow there are a couple of twists and turns that I don't want to spoil I'm gonna try and avoid doing any spoilers in this review but it's a very effective film it's gritty when it needs to be gritty but it's also emotional that central dynamic between the two characters you really feel it it's not they're not focusing so much on the drug use and so much on that stuff it's more about what this does to them as people as a couple and how easily it can happen when the highs and lows of an emotional relationship are they mixed with the highs and lows of drug dependency and that it's very engaging and very compelling really enjoyed it.

The filmmaking was really slick even though it achieves that gritty tone which it needs it's still a very slickly produced efficient film I love the drone shots there are some beautiful shots of like landscapes and things so one of them is they're on this like wooden level not sure what you've called it kind of a dock but a raised dock I guess and looking out over the with the water and there's like a red sky at one point that was really really nice.

And there's another bit which I can't really tell you because it will give you away basically yeah there's another scene with Zoe she's there's a backdrop of Zoe in it it was just lingered on just for a little second and I think it was because it looked so nice.
That cinematography was great yeah I really enjoyed it the score is brilliant the music is used to really the good effect I enjoyed the band scenes as well I've had more of them happy with more of those and I think that was great.

some of the criminal characters are really menacing and you do really feel that sort of threat fromthem i wasn't so keen on there's this one kind of bad character and he's sort of a bit i feel like he they had this sort of comedic element they wanted to put in i don't think it really landed for me he he makes jokes and chats a lot of rubbish and you kind of just nod along but some of it i thought really like is that going to be the bit you put into the final edit and i think it kind of ruined what was actually a really good smart intelligent movie with this sort of almost like a need to just put something light in whereas i feel that could have been done differently the other aspect to it is that you've got two characters that you're listening to and you're very aware that there's a narration and whenever i hear a narration and i'm sure a lot of you is like this you kind of go well if they're narrating it you know unless this is kind of a ghost you know that it removes some of the threat from some of the scenes.

So that was my only sort of two criticisms but generally, I really like the film I Think there's so much to it the way they handle the heavy themes with the sort of romance themes worked brilliantly hats off to the filmmakers for achieving that the performances are great largely, especially the two central performances I could have watched them for ages I thought they were great and there's a lot there for viewers to unpick and connect with you know stories like this are very emotional and loved ones or anyone like that going through a situation like this and anyone that's sort of experienced has said those highs and lows, especially for a new relationship and things, can definitely connect with that.

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